What’s Happening with Weekly Meetings?

After some discussion w/ folks who are currently involved in the weekly meetings at Kairos West, it has been determined that – due to difficulties in meeting the need for consistent fulfilling of facilitation and coordination responsibilities – the ARMHC is going to begin simply hosting the space at Kairos West (742 Haywood Road) on Tuesday afternoons from 4:00-6:00pm – not as a structured/ facilitated radical mental health support and discussion meeting, but just as a non-stigmatizing open community space, with some art-making and socializing.

Many have expressed that it is really important to them that there continue to be a space to connect with folks and see people that they’ve become friends with through the ARMHC and that it is really helpful for them to have that time with folks.

The weekly get-together-and-talk-and-make-things-and-have-snacks time has been really great, and these gatherings will continue…hopefully people will feel free to come around to say hi…

Our About page will be updated soon to reflect this change in how we hold space at Kairos West and how our time together is structure.  Primary coordinators will be posting some reflections on the challenges and gifts that come about in the effort to create space for radical mental health in our communities.

Thanks for being out there…



Time change in the New Year! Meetings from 4:00pm – 6:00pm!

The ARMHC meets from 4:00pm – 6:00pm every Tuesday at the Kairos West Community Center (742 Haywood Rd., W. Avl.) Meetings begin with announcements and check-ins, followed by a break and discussion.

There will be a facilitation/orientation meeting on January 13th, at 3:00pm – for new meeting members who want to get involved in helping to hold community space for radical mental health supports.

For more information, please email radmadasheville@theicarusproject.net …



Setting some intentions for the end of the year…

Erica Hua Fletcher, Ph.D.

Hey Folks,

It’s so good to be back in Asheville! I had a wonderful trip back to Texas and have found some clarity on my next steps working with the ARMHC and TIP. I must say that I have enjoyed reading the email discussion threads from this week, and I’m super pumped about all the momentum in the Collective and members’ interest in co-organizing and sharing facilitation roles. Seeing everyone come together like this and caring for each other as we figure out the next steps for ARMHC is incredibly moving. And to support some of the ideas people have been tossing around, I would be happy to contribute to discussions on implementing a phone tree, creating an organization ‘zine, and organizing documents in a Google Drive.

To do that work and finish up interviews, I’m going to set some working days on Mondays and Thursdays in the next few…

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New Meeting Location at Kairos West Community Center

Next Tuesday, November 4th at 4:30pm, ARMHC members will meet at Kairos West Community Center (742 Haywood Rd in West Asheville). Kairos West is located near the corner of Haywood and Brevard Rd., between the aquarium store and the Salvation Army Teen Center and across from the music venue ISIS.

Here are some things our new location will offer:

-comfy couches & chairs

-a communal environment–we can bring our own snacks to share, and they have a coffee maker we can use.

-semi-private meetings & plenty of room, both in the front room and in a private space in the back separated by Japanese screens

-right on the bus line (W1-yellow line, bus stop at Haywood Rd. and Brevard Rd., easy access from the Vermont stop and the Sulphur Springs stop)

-free parking in the back

-potential broadening the diversity of Collective members (Kairos West does outreach through their free food market on Saturday and lets folks from the West Asheville community know about their regular weekly events)

-more volunteering opportunities with an awesome community center

When the leaves keep falling from the trees…

Erica Hua Fletcher, Ph.D.

This month seems to be slipping away from me. The change of seasons has been quite welcomed, and as the nights become cooler and cooler I can’t help but anticipate firing up our wooden stove and roasting marshmallows and watching the leaves turn yellow and crimson this fall… But I also can’t help but be reminded of all the work to be done in the coming months.

So far, I’ve transcribed 8 formal interviews, attended 12 Collective meetings, filmed and edited 6 short videos, hosted 2 research updates at my place, and participated in a handful of other Collective organizing meetings and events. And yet, there are many more interviews to be scheduled locally, and I’ve only begun working to recruit the two other groups I hope to reach during my fieldwork—the local Icarus chapter organizers/facilitators across the nation (and beyond) and Icaristas who contribute to radical mental conversations via…

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Mad Gifts, Saving Graces, and Works in Progress / October 2014 @ The Eagle Street Coffee Emporium


Friday, October 3rd, 2014, 6-8pm Opening Reception followed by Open Mic

Friday, October 17th, 2014 5:30-7:30pm Workshop on Madness and Creativity

  • Tuesday, October 21st, 2014, 8:00pm @ the BeBe Theatre with Mechanical Eye Microcinema & ARMHC, films by Ken Paul Rosenthal and local filmmaker Kira Bursky
  • Works will be shown through October 31st, 2014.

Featuring works by R.S. Dorian, R. Ransom, F. Rhyne, Melissa HoneyBee, the Rise-Up Artists from BeLoved, along with many others. This show will include a very special interactive showing of a collective community work in progress. This show will feature sculpture, installation, and print/paint media on vertical display.

Additional information about events will be posted soon!

Please check out and share the Facebook event page!