Statement of Intent/Organizing and Facilitation Meetings

There will be an additional organizing and facilitation meeting Friday, August 22nd, from 4:00pm until 5:30pm, at the Eagle Street Coffee Emporium.

At today’s meeting, we began working on revising our Statement of Intent, changing some of the language around “confidentiality” – as we currently meet in an open, public setting.

Statement of Intent

The Asheville Radical Mental Health Collective is an informal discussion group and community support network organized by and for people who experience the world in ways that may be diagnosed as mental illness. We welcome diverse perspectives on mental health and honor personal choices.

We ask that participants in the ARMHC be respectful of other group members by not sharing other people’s personal stories or disclosing other people’s group membership without their consent.

We ask that group members be conscientious of personal privacy.

We share responsibilities for running the collective and make decisions as democratically as possible.

We hold zero tolerance for violence within the group.

The ARMHC seeks to be an anti-oppressive space. Language/attitudes/behaviors that threaten, stereotype,  or insult in relation to race, gender, sexuality, physicality, or class/privilege are not supportive of our shared intent.


[Note: We will be further discussing what is meant by ‘zero tolerance,’ as well as identify specific practices to support anti-oppressive safe space within the group.]


At today’s meeting, we developed a proposal and obtained initial support and commitment for the organizing of an art show during the month of October.

At the next facilitation meeting, (08/22/2014, 4pm, Eagle St. Coffee) we will spend some time brainstorming some of the how-to’s of facilitation and holding safe space, and will be discussing some “what if…?” scenarios that can present facilitation challenges, as well as continuing work on our Statement of Intent to more strongly reflect our commitment to being a space where people are welcome to speak about their experiences related to extreme states, without fear being pathologized, advised, analyzed, or criticized.

To learn more about the ARMHC, please visit our About page and feel free to be in touch!