On Public Disclosure

just a few thoughts during the thunderstorm…

Erica Hua Fletcher, Ph.D.

One of my new friends/research participants here told me that my first post wasn’t personal enough. Not that it needed to be, necessarily, but that it might be something that I should think about working on. I laughed uneasily: we had a couple previous conversations on how I didn’t like being on camera or being recorded at all, even though that is what I am asking of him and the rest of the group to do as a part of my dissertation project. I knew that he was right, and that there is a whole slew of literature on situated knowledge, the practice of placing yourself and your past experiences within the research you produce. Still, sharing about my personal life has never been my forte, especially discussing the struggles of dealing with extreme mental states.

And yet, that is what people in the Asheville Radical Mental Health Collective and…

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First blog post from the field

Hey Everyone,
I’d love to get your feedback on the research thus far and whatever suggestions/advice you may have on the dissertation project. Let me know how you would like to be involved and what questions you have about the radical mental community that we can begin to ask together! Hope to see you all soon at the meeting today.

Erica Hua Fletcher, Ph.D.

It’s so strange to think that I’m finally beginning my dissertation fieldwork! Although it has taken a lot of elbow grease and paperwork to move to Asheville and begin research, in many ways, I still feel as clueless as I did when I was beginning my first year in grad. school three years ago–there are still so many more books I could read, lectures and conferences to attend, papers to write, and other hurdles to jump through in order to prepare for what is to come… I keep telling myself that I’ll never truly feel “ready” per se, but that I just need to buckle down, put myself out there, and start doing the work. So far, that advice has only partially stuck.

As of late Sunday afternoon, I’ve finished the first draft of the first chapter of my dissertation (thanks to Nicki for her edits!), and I’ve sent the chapter off to one of my…

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