Our Evolving Vision

The Asheville Radical Mental Health Collective seeks to offer a safe and supportive space for people who experience the world and their lives in ways that are often diagnosed as psychiatric disorders.
– The ARMHC supports the exploration of ideas, practices, and healing through inclusive discussion, story-sharing, and mutual aid.
– We support, accept and honor both strengths and struggles.
– Recognizing that many people have experienced deeply personal harm in their lives, we are trauma-sensitive and seek to provide a space that is safe for survivors.
– We respect and honor that we all have different truths. The ARMHC does not engage in the promotion of specific beliefs, practices, or approaches related to mental health and personal wellness choices.
– We do not judge or criticize an individual’s personal choices.
– The ARMHC is a hate-free space and language that threatens, stereotypes, or insults in relation to race, gender, sexuality, physicality, or class/privilege is not supportive of our shared intent.

Statement of Intent

The Asheville Radical Mental Health Collective is an informal support and discussion group made up of people with diverse perspectives on mental health.  We are inclusive and nonjudgmental and support each individual’s personal choices for wellness.  We honor confidentiality.  Please do not share other people’s personal stories outside this group or make reference to our group affiliation.

We share responsibilities for running the collective and make decisions democratically.  We seek to mutually create a safe space free of violence, personal attacks and/or oppressive speech

Note:  Mental health professionals are welcome to inquire about the ARMHC by emailing radmadasheville@theicarusproject.net.  We collectively ask that all group participants be present as individuals with lived experience outside of the roles of occupation and that participation be non-hierarchical in regard to job, education, or current wellness.